From idea to project

Workshop furniture shows the character of its owner, creating of a new models our masters are trying to choose the best styles and materials for the client and its housing.

This is why we need to chat, we want to know all the details about furniture and manners of the owner who will use it.

Free sketch of the project

After general information, we ask the customer to select a photo project that he liked and draw free project with all collected materials. When you already have a visualization of the project, we can prompt, specify the material and create this or that thing.

After approval of all details we make an offer.

Measurements and drawings

Then our designer goes to the object and makes accurate space measurement and then create construction drawings and coordinate it with you.

Production, painting and assembly of products

We return drawing to carpentry only after finalization. In parallel, do carpentry sample and the sample painting. After matching the colors, furniture painting stage passes.

The final stage of our work is assembling. Every item we had brought accurately assemble, leaving no trace and shortcomings.

Sketches and ready projects