Most Popular Sofa Styles

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Most Popular Sofa Styles

Browse through a brief guide on the most popular sofa styles.

Mellany Brown

Jun 7

7 min read

Do you feel the spirit of the coming Spring season? It's the best time to dress up your home décor.

Whether you want a comprehensive room remodeling or minor makeover, a new sofa can become a key part in your living area. We have released our top colors for 2019. There are our most popular colors - Deep Mahogany, Wood Violet, Stonewash, and Frosted Almond. They can inspire you to find the best and the most trending sofa style to complete the look of your living room. Look through a brief guide on the most popular sofa styles for the coming year:

1. Stationary Sofas

This classic sofa style will stay one of the most popular styles for a lifetime.

You can find a wide range of excellent sofas among such models like traditional, coastal, modern, country, Oriental, American, and eclectic. You can choose the urban style with clean-lined microfiber or leather, or maybe you'll like a retro style with the strange echo of the ’50s and '60s pop culture.

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Violet Stationary Sofa

You can also choose a conventional sofa to create an expeditionary atmosphere with touches that perfectly combine bamboo, cane, wicker, and leather.

2. Hide-a-beds

This timeless favorite proceeds to progress with options in traditional and contemporary motives. These beds are perfect and very comfortable for couples, visiting in-laws, high school and college students, grandmas and grandpas. They are extremely easy to fold away with a minimum of effort.

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Hide-a-Bed Sofa

There are also such popular styles of sofas like Sectionals, Reclining Sofas, and Loveseats. The last style is commonly used for small apartments to save their space. If you want to get more info on other styles, read the next article.

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