Furniture for restaurants and hotels is not just an important component of comfort, but also a significant part of the overall interior of the place. The furniture in each hotel or restaurant helps to create a unique atmosphere, gives coziness and comfort, so the choice of products should be approached very carefully. Many owners of the hotels make a big mistake, buying furniture in bulk for all hotel rooms or restaurants, as in this case the cafe or hotel is unlikely to be anything different from competitors.

The Italian workshop “Kassone” offers manufacture of furniture for hotels in any form: in antique or classic style, refined products or solid arrays. Sketches are created and work is performed depending on where the furniture is intended.

Manufacture of furniture for hotels

There are always standard and expensive rooms in good hotels. The masters of the Company can make furniture for hotels for every taste and budget. As practice shows, furniture for hotels is better to choose in light colors, and in dark for the restaurant. The rooms seem more spacious and cozy thanks to the products made of light wood, which in turn creates an atmosphere of home comfort. For cafe it is better to create a restrained environment, so that visitors are not distracted from the purpose with which they visited the hotel. Wooden furniture for hotel is the best option, since such products are:

  1. Eco-friendly. Clean air with a light aroma of wood improves comfort during stay in the room, improves mood and efficiency.
  2. Practical. Furniture for hotels is always made with the expectation that it will be used by a large number of people. Author’s furniture for hotels from the manufacturer at the workshop “Kassone” can withstand constant loads, since it is manufactured in accordance with all quality standards.
  3. Unique. All furniture for hotels and hostels from the manufacturer is made according to exclusive design sketches, and therefore, it is distinguished by originality and refinement. Such products will make your hotel cozy and comfortable and your guests will refuse to leave your place. The refined Italian furniture unobtrusively helps to create the most comfortable environment.
  4. Durable. The manufacturer gives 2 years warranty for each product. All products are with high quality, solid and durable.

Handmade furniture will make your hotel unique, and the interior will be stylish and beautiful.

Furniture for restaurants and hotels: catalog

The owner of the establishment, choosing furniture for the hotel, should focus on the needs of visitors and their financial capabilities. The hotel with a simple, roughly finished furniture is unlikely to bring income to the entrepreneur, because it will not feel the home comfort, a friendly atmosphere and other things that can remind guests about the house. Designer furniture for hotels, made by the masters of the studio “Kassone”, will give all rooms a completely new look, fill the room with comfort and home heat – the guests simply will not want to leave such a cozy hotel. Our production of furniture for hotels offers customers such products:

  1. Cabinets and wardrobes. If the customer’s budget is limited, specialists will produce products from popular wood species or quality analogues – veneer or chipboard. You can order furniture for budget rooms and for elite, premium and presidential rooms – all products will be beautiful and unique, the difference will be only in price and fineness of processing.
  2. beds. Without them, no hotel will cost, the level of comfort and comfort of visitors largely depends on them, so it is not recommended to save on quality mattresses and exterior decoration of products. Having rested and slept on beds made by the masters of the studio “Kassone”, people will feel full of energy and energy, and will certainly return to the hotel again.
  3. Sofas. Of course, in budget rooms they do not have to be put, but without luxurious sofas the foyer, halls and interiors of expensive hotel rooms do not. We are ready to make stylish author’s sofas, which will cause guests and guests delight and give them a sense of home comfort.
  4. Tables and chairs. Often hotels stop working people who continue to work outside the office. They always need a place to fill out business papers, sit down for a phone call or to put a laptop. And such a place should not only be convenient, but also aesthetic, corresponding to the status of these people.
  5. Bedside tables. Bedside tables are very useful for visitors, so they should be placed in each room. Our masters will make graceful tables of real wood decorated with hand carving – people will enjoy using them, and the reputation of your institution will increase significantly in the eyes of the guests.

Design furniture in the hotel you can buy from us at affordable prices!

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