Everybody knows that we spend a lot of time in the kitchen for cooking or eating food, because very often kitchens in our country are both a dining room and a working space. In some cases it may even a bedroom or a hall. Given the role that the kitchen plays in everyday life, every owner wants to equip it that way in order to eat and cook with pleasure and comfort. In addition, often kitchens are rooms with a small area. That is where the last value is the proper arrangement of furniture.

Designer kitchen furniture is a creation by professional masters working at “Kassone” studio. The specialists of the Company will produce unique kitchen furniture by hand and will give your kitchen a coziness and aesthetic charm.

Features of author’s furniture for the kitchen

Each housewife in the kitchen has “own territory” for cooking, tea-drinking and eating, storing for dishes and dry food. Italian furniture is distinguished by strict elegance, and creative masters of the Company will be able to find an approach to any housewife. More than a dozen worthy sketches are offered to the attention of clients, designed individually for each kitchen by the Company’s designers. The masters, proficient in art of creating high-quality luxury furniture, offer customers a lot of unusual design solutions: for example, a modal system for assembling kitchen furniture, when the owner can easily convert it without much difficulty.

The professional design approach by the Company’s masters promotes the creation of a luxury kitchen “turnkey”, providing a high level of comfort in the furnished room. It has long been known that Italian furniture is one of the most valuable and refined, as well as high-quality and durable. Other advantages of author’s production are:

  1. Author’s design. You will own a unique furniture kit designed just for you. The masters of the Company work on individual sketches for each client.
  2. Quality. In the process of creating furniture, a natural tree of European or exotic species is used. A solid, eco product will last for more than a dozen years.
  3. Ease of care. Care is simple enough for the wooden surfaces, so there will be no difficulties for the housewives.

Aesthetic beauty. Exquisite designer furniture is a sign of solid status and good taste. In addition, it is convenient to use. This furniture will be indispensable in the kitchen interior.

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