Unfortunately, any wooden product is subject to the influence of various external factors: water and moisture, mechanical, thermal and chemical damage. Sometimes careless treatment leads to the appearance of defects on the surface of furniture, so that the owner faces the problem: to change it or to restore. If the product is made qualitatively and functionally, restoration of furniture will be the best option. The specialist of furniture restoration will eliminate all damage professionally and quickly, so that even the owner of the product will not be able to find traces of the former defect.

Another case is when the furniture breaks down or crumbles over time. In this case it is easier to replace it than to restore, but for many owners it is very important to save the item with which the good memories are related, perhaps, or simply there is no opportunity to purchase a new one. Our experts offer quality restoration of old furniture at affordable prices.

Features of the restoration of wooden furniture

Specialists of the “Kassone” workshop not just produce luxurious furniture for houses, offices and restaurants, but also conduct a qualitative restoration of the wooden furniture. The work is carried out, depending on the damage, 2-4 weeks, after which the client receives a completely updated product, which will serve a lot of years more. The basic services of restoration include such as:

  1. restoration of old furniture. A wooden product that serves many years, in one way comes with time out of order. The specialists of our Company will help to prolong its service life and give aesthetic appearance.
  2. restoration of old-time furniture. There are products that represent a certain historical value; therefore they must be stored as a memory of events of the past. The price of restoring old-time furniture will be slightly higher than usual, because such products require a careful and careful approach.
  3. restoration of antique furniture. Expensive exquisite furniture, which is recognized as antique, also needs regular maintenance and restoration. It is necessary to monitor its condition so that it does not lose its superiority.
  4. restoration of kitchen furniture. Kitchenware is one of the most frequently damaged, as locker loops often do not withstand constant loading, and wooden surfaces are not intended for use instead of a cutting board or stand for hot objects.

the restoration of wooden furniture. It is possible for any furniture item: at home, hotel, office or restaurant.

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