We are on the pages of Vogue

One of our projects was on the pages of several magazines, one of which is Vogue. A little photo project and a few words from the editor.

As conceived by architect George Shalatskoho this studio should resemble “small Kiev apartment.” There are many details that refer to the old housing stock.

Vogue 2015


Квартира Шаповал_2

Place to relax with views of the balcony and flowers

Квартира Шаповал_5

DJ console


Sometimes you are in any space –
and feel involvement in the unusual, mysterious life full of amazing meetings and bizarre events. Using the old Kiev apartment tough,
almost brutal aesthetics loft architect Yuri Shalatskiy paradoxically sensual reproduced, in Bulgakov’s mystical atmosphere.

Orchid 2014


Квартира Шаповал_3

Kitchen view


Квартира Шаповал_4

Dining table

Cовсем плохоПлохоНиче такХорошоСупер (Понравилась страница? Оцените!)


Kyiv, st. Alma-Atynska, 8

Show room:

Kyiv region, w. Petropavlovskaya Borshchagovka, st. Peter and Paul, 6

Phone: +38 (044) 599–23–93
E-mail address: info@maisternia-kassone.ua

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